Fisherman's church is located in on the pier west of Lake Voulismeni in Agios Nikolaos. Inside the church, there is a 25-meter-long crypt look like a museum of sailing.

The church is dedicated to the safety of the fishermen of the lake, but it is unknown to whom Saint is dedicated since the icon that are there are old and dusty and the light inside of the crypt is very little. There are also some frescoes that depict saints and other characters as well as a boat, which probably tell a story.

There are also pieces of carved columns like this outside the church and parapets that may indicate the existence of an earlier temple at the place. Inside the visitor can see old sailing objects such as ropes, propellers, anchors, instruments, nets, lanterns and old documents.

You can visit Fisherman's church through our tours Tour 7 and Tour 8, and admire old sailing objects.