The Historical Archive of Crete is a regional service of the State Archives. It is one of the oldest archival services in the country founded in 1920. With 700,000 historical documents it is considered to be the largest and most important of the country's regional archives.

Its purpose is to rescue, collect and classify archives and heirlooms from the history of Crete, aiming at its dissemination and exploitation by the public and researchers.

The Library of the Historical Archive of Crete includes historical, folklore or other archives, rare and valuable publications. It has a great photographic collection of rare photographs and postcards from the late 19th century to the present day.

There are some great historical collections such as the official correspondence of the Cretan Revolutions, many private collections of Revolutionaries and other prominent figures, the archive of the Cretan fighters, the archives of the Turkish Administration of Crete, the Central Translation Office of Crete, the Cretan State and the German Occupation.

There is a historical and folklore exhibition with exhibits that cover various periods of history and battles of Crete, as well as the traditional image of a Cretan house.

You can visit the Historical Archive of Crete through our Tour 11, and get to know the history of Crete.