The ancient city of Aptera is located 15 km outside of Chania on the hill that is located southeast of the Souda bay. It was one of the most powerful cities in Western Crete and an important commercial center of the time.

The origins of its name are associated with various myths, such as the mythical King Aptera, who is rumored to build the Temple of Apollo at Delphi and the Sirens, which were transformed into the Lefkes islands of Souda Bay after their defeat by the Muses . The most prevalent version, however, is that its name comes from the goddess Aptera Artemis, who was worshiped in the area and existed in the city's currency.

The settlement of the city dates back to the 8th century BC. and reaches its acne on 4th to the 3rd century BC which turns into one of the richest naval and commercial centers of Crete, having two ports of Minoa and Kissamos, and was cutting its own currency. One of the city's major incomes was its warriors, who were excellent archers and fought as mercenaries in other areas. The city is destroyed in the 7th century by an earthquake, and its end comes from raids by Saracen pirates. Several centuries later, the monastery of St. John the Theologian was built, while during the Ottoman domination a fortress was built by the conquerors.

You can visit the ancient Aptera through our tour Tour 11, where you can admire the magnificence of the city through the buildings, the huge walls that fortified the city, the ancient theater, the cemetery with their carved tombs, the Roman vaults Tanks and the Turkish fortress.