Agia Varvara is a small town in the prefecture of Heraklion and is located 30 km southwest of the prefecture's capital. It has about 2000 inhabitants whose main occupation is olive-growing and viticulture.

The cabbage produced in this area has a special reputation. Its name comes from the central temple dedicated to the homonymous Saint. According to the tradition of the area, the town of Agia Varvara is the "navel of Crete", the middle point of Crete.

There are several churches built hundreds of years ago, such as Prophitis Hlias, St. John and St. George. Every year, it is organized a feast on December 4, the name day of the Saint of the town. Also, it has organized services in order to serve its residents and visitors such as health center, bank branches, shopping centers, primary and high schools. Moreover, throughout the year, the Cultural association organizes various events such as the tsikoudia feast in the summer, the carnival during the Halloween and the sacrificial road of the fallen during the Battle of Crete.